Royal Wet-Nurses

With the approach of the birth of a new royal baby in Britain, I would like to explore the history of royal wet-nurses. They are no longer a necessity, given the shift in modern attitudes, but why were they once thought necessary? In historical terms, a wet-nurse would have been engaged for a royal baby and taken on as part of an official appointment. The wet-nurse might expect a pension or some…
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HistoryThe Netherlands

A short history of King's Day

As the Netherlands prepares to celebrate its sixth King’s Day, Royal Central takes a look at the tradition of celebrating the monarch’s birthday that began as Princess’s Day. In the 19th century, King William III of the Netherlands faced quite a bit of…

Did the White Queen die of plague?

Her story is amongst the most controversial of all the Queens of England and now a new twist has appeared in the tale of Elizabeth Woodville. An expert at the National Archives in London has found a document suggesting that the consort who revolutionised royalty may have…
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Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg: a life in pictures

Jean of Luxembourg, who ruled the tiny state for 36 years, died early this morning. He was 98. As his family say their final farewells to a much-loved member, Royal Central takes a look back at his extraordinary story. From heir to exile, soldier to hero, Grand Duke to patriarch, here are some of the moments that tell his life in pictures. Embed from Getty Images Jean was born on January 5th 1921…
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Royal Wedding Rewind: Who were The Queen's bridesmaids?

The wedding of Princess Elizabeth to Prince Philip in November 1947 was a day of celebration in post-war Britain. The ceremony was broadcast to a worldwide audience of approximately 200 million people and as the princess arrived at Westminster Abbey with her father, King…

Royal Wedding Flowers: Princess Grace of Monaco

It was a ground breaking and glamourous royal wedding and the images of it remain as familiar now as they have ever done. The world watched, enthralled, when Grace Kelly married Prince Rainier III of Monaco on April 19th 1956. Her wedding dress has become one of the most celebrated royal outfits of modern times. And her bridal bouquet is just as well known. For her religious wedding, Grace chose a…
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Who was Ida Bonanomi: Dresser to Queen Victoria

But for the moving memorial that Queen Victoria erected to her and for a letter in which this is described, the name of Ida Bonanomi might have been completely forgotten in historical terms. Thanks to these, this is not the case. It can be found in Edinburgh’s Rosebank…
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Princess Grace’s first wedding dress

Her gown she wore for her religious marriage is one of the most famous royal outfits ever worn and an icon of the 20th century but Grace Kelly had another wedding dress before that celebrated creation. Grace and Prince Rainier III of Monaco said ‘I do’ in a civil ceremony the day before the church service beamed around the world and for that event, this royal bride wore pink. Embed from Getty…
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