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New TV show puts spotlight on ancient royal role

A new TV series about Prince Charles is set to air in the UK. ITV has commissioned programmes focusing on his life as Duke of Cornwall. The shows are being made to mark Charles’ 50th year as a working Duke of Cornwall. The title traditionally passes to the eldest son of a monarch on their accession and Charles took on the role on the day his mother became Queen. However his active involvement in…
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Royal Birthplaces: where will Meghan and Harry welcome their baby?

OK, I hate to be the one to break it to you like this but you might not find out the answer to that question until Baby Sussex is wailing down the walls of Frogmore Cottage. The decision of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to keep the arrival of their first child private means no hospital waits or endless photos of doors from which a royal baby might emerge at any moment. But that hasn’t…
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Royal Wedding Rewind: the Kent brides

Now April is here we can say in all confidence that the next royal wedding happens next month. And as Lady Gabriella Windsor and Thomas Kingston make the final preparations for their big day, set for May 18th at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor, there’s plenty of excitement over the details of this latest marital celebration. Lady Gabriella will be the latest bride from the House of Kent…
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Could The Queen become Empress of Great Britain?

On 1 May 1876, Queen Victoria was proclaimed Empress Of India after discussion with Prime Minister of the day, Benjamin Disraeli led to Queen Victoria wanting a title boost after her daughter became Empress Of Germany. From 1876 until the Empire Of India was disbanded in 1947, British Monarchs were styled as King-Emperors and Queen-Empresses. This is the only instance in British history where a…
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